Training: The Impacts of Smoking on Runners

Smoking affects badly on runners. It causes decreased lung capacity that can lead to a lower level of energy, shallow breathing and lower function of the immune system. If you aspire to be a successful runner, then you need to quit smoking. There are various ways one can give up smoking. Visit to initiate the process of quitting smoking.

If you are a runner and has the habit of smoking, then you should be aware of the impact that smoking can cause on your body.

The decreased maximum level of oxygen (VO2max)- VO2 max is the oxygen volume that your body can use maximum in one minute. It is the key component that affects the performance of a runner. If your body could access more oxygen, then you could run well and also for longer distances.  The VO2max decreases significantly as the smoking exposure increases which in turn affects the running performance of the people who have the same training as non-smokers.

Depletion of energy- Focusing on eating the right food and getting the right amount of sleep are essential for developing the energy that is required for running. Even if you maintain a disciplined sleeping and eating habit and still you smoke, you will struggle with giving a good performance in running.  There are studies which show that just by quitting smoking, your performance level will improve by 6%. It would have a great impact on your running performance.  The study revealed that the average smoker spends around 6% more energy than the non-smoker.

One could also turn into running to quit smoking. Once you quit the habit of smoking, you will need a new addiction to fill the old one. You could direct your energy and focus into running and promote this healthy habit.  You could join a running group where people motivate and support each other.

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