The Health Habits Experts Say You Need in Your 20s

This is an extension of my blog activities where every week I ask my followers a feedback on the questions that we need to tackle in the next blog. It is more like an interactive blog and even though we do not have a video recording facility or a live chat yet on it, there is quite some exchange of ideas and we have already been able to lock the bull’s horns over a wide array of topics in health and lifestyle.

Most of my followers are still in their third and fourth decade of life and that is why it is a more vivacious bunch of people who are active on social media.

These millennials I feel know exactly how to balance fun in life with the responsibilities that they need to shoulder. Excuses and alibis just don’t come to them naturally, at least the entire bunch that I know and they are all thinking individuals. One outsmarting the other and that is why I love to carry on my blogging because it is not just getting to brainstorm with these young minds but I also that I learn a hell lot of things (from them).

So, my question from the week before last was what are the healthy habits that they thought were very important in their twenties and I was flooded with responses. This can easily be the week where we have got the most responses. I tried to list them up and apparently found out that the list is almost ideal to the prescriptions that experts call out. Here it is:

  1. Having a correct body mass index in accordance with the BMI chart that is universally accepted as a standard;
  2. Consumption of alcohol only in moderation;
  3. Keeping away from pipes, cigarettes, and cigars;
  4. Following a healthy diet at most times and
  5. Exercising at least three days a week.

You must read more on this on where I found the list conspicuously similar but explained in great detail. Hop on!