Is Showering Everyday Bad For You? Surprising Advice From Health Professionals

Read and you will be shocked. Showering every day is not really necessary for you. Also, the point is that when you shower every day it is not good for you and is actually not considered to be an unhealthy habit.

Showering every day is not good for you. The soap that you use when you shower removes the oil from your skin and this causes the skin to become dry and lose its texture. It is important that you use the soap only in your groin, feet, and armpits and not all through your body. Also, skip using the soap on your chest, arms, back, and legs. This is because the skin has the ability that it cleans itself.

Science backs this evidence

The points below will make you believe why you should not take a shower so frequently.

  • The top skin layer has dead skins and this helps to protect the underneath skin layers
  • The top skin layer has lipids and fats and this keeps the skin moisturized
  • Scrubbing and applying soap ends up in breaking this layer and showers damage this layer
  • The skin does not get sufficient time to repair itself if you keep taking a shower
  • The good bacteria are unable to grow on the skin. This is the bacteria that protects your skin from infections


When you shower every day you basically scrub off the moisture that is formed on your skin. This causes the skin to become rough and dry and it also becomes more prone to irritation. It is the same when you exfoliate a lot. The truth is that the skin is able to clean itself. Also, the benefits of showering less are that you save time and money on lotions and soaps. You also use less water.

Instead of showering every day try out some methods to keep yourself clean. Using a wet cloth to clean and applying deodorants to keep the odor away helps.…

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